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Frequently asked questions about delivery of products on dragon-herbal.com

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time should be anywhere between 6-9 working days for addresses in Europe and up to 10 working days for the rest of the world. In some cases a tracking number of the package will be available.

What if the medications are damaged during transit?

In unlikely case that this happens, please contact us immediately. You will be asked to send us a photo of damaged product and a package itself and we will immediately inform the pharmacy. Your medication will be resent to you. We guarantee you safe delivery.

Will my package be sent discretely?

All our orders are shipped in a small bubble envelopes or card boxes. All products are sent discretely to protect your privacy.


Frequently asked questions about products on dragon-herbal.com online shop

Are your products the same as those at my local pharmacy?

Products, sold on this webpage, are generic products. They contain the same active ingredient as the branded supplements. The products are often even produced, or at least partly produced in same factory where branded supplements are produced. Therefore you will get the same product with the difference in the name of the manufacturer and the price.

What is quality of DragonHerbal products?

The DratonHerbal products are manufactured under strict WHO guidelines. That ensures high manufacturing standards in producing only high-quality products.

Why should I order? How much money will I save?

You can save up to 50-90% compared to branded supplements with the same effect. DragonHerbal supplements for erectile dysfunction are generic version of a little blue pill.

A price per DragonHerbal supplement is 3,45 USD (if you order 20 tablets package). The cost of a little blue pill you can buy at the local pharmacy is up to 10 US$ per tablet. Be careful as there are many websites offering “original” little blue pill for 2-4 US$, but that tablets are fakes and can be dangerous. Those tablets are produced in substandard illegal facilities.


Frequently asked questions about shopping on dragon-herbal.com

Is my purchase confidential and payment secure?

All the data you submit to our webpage is done through SSL. That means all your information is encrypted and confidential. Your privacy is guaranteed! When you place your order, all your private information is encrypted in our database and is accessible only to the key staff and the pharmacy responsible for fulfilling your order. Your information is never accessible by any party that is not involved in the fulfilment of your order. Your order will arrive discretely packaged to the name and address provided as well.

Why are your prices so low?

The prices of the products sold on dragon-herbal.com are based on their actual cost. The cost per unit is not highly inflated as at the other online pharmacies. Generic medications are cheaper because they do not have the investment costs of developing a new medication under patent protection. For patents near expiration manufacturers can apply to sell generic versions. Due to the lack of the development costs generic versions can be sold at substantial discounts.